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Complexity versus simplicity. A couple of concepts near and dear to my heart. Simplicity as a concept in art is not as embraced by the public as much as complexity is. I think this is because people appreciate work in general and complexity wears its hard work on its sleeve while simplicity's hard work is concealed behind a veneer of effortlessness. The bold truth is that often the simple image is a lot more work than the complex one. If you're attempting to draw an apple and you use a thousand lines it may look like a lot of work because there is a thousand lines on the paper. But the truth is that a lot of mistaken lines can be made when drawing a thousand of them and they just get covered up by the next couple of lines. Complexity can sometimes encourage laziness which is the exact opposite of the hard work that people appreciate. So complex doesn't automatically mean hard.

On the other hand, if you are trying to draw an apple using only two or three lines they better all be the right lines. There is no where for them to hide. It could take a hundred well thought out lines to get down to the three that really are where you want them to be. So all of the work in a simple drawing could be hidden by the eraser and all we see is the seemingly effortless three lines that make up the finished apple. Of course they could also be just the first three lines out of the artist's pen so simple doesn't automatically mean hard work either. This is why a person should use their judgment before being impressed by what seems like a lot of work.

Now, let me tell you, these prints are a lot of work. I draw the individual pieces and the scan them in and compose and color them on the computer. I have a natural tendency towards simplicity but these prints are certainly my stab at complexity. I think that a computer encourages complexity because of its incredible ability to help keep things organized. I can keep all the different drawings that go into a print separate and move them around and resize them until they are is just the right place. This is something that if not done on a computer would take twenty five times as long. Another thing that helped me with complexity is my adopting the philosophy that complexity is just simplicity multiplied. I start with simple and build more simple around it into it turns complex. Nothing starts out complex.

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